End of an Era — porn on Patreon

Four Chambers is an independent, performer led porn DIY porn project which started funding on Patreon.com 4 years ago, with the goal to expand the aesthetic and conceptual potential of pornography a medium. This is the break up letter we wrote to our supporters upon getting the news we were no longer welcome to be there.

When we started out we hoped that we might raise enough money to be able to pay performers and maybe have the project be self sufficient. Our initial goal was $250 a month and until then we’d just been funding production costs with my sex work online and our other “vanilla” jobs. The response to the project was more than we could have ever imagined, the way you as a community connected with what we wanted to do, your generosity, how excited and engaged everyone was with seeing us grow.

@vextape — I make pornographic films with Four Chambers. Not a model, not a muse. vexashley.com